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We're here to listen.

What do Student Avisors do?

Student Advisors are here to lend an ear. When you feel like you’ve been mistreated, it’s hard to figure out the next step alone. Advisors are a confidential resource, here to support you and guide you through the process—whether you chose to report or not.

Meet the Student Advisors:

Dr. Deirdre Jenkins

“Whatever you need to talk about stays between us until you decide to proceed to the next step. We are here to listen.”

Why do you like working with med students?
I have always enjoyed working with medical students because they remind me ,through their energy and compassion, about all the reasons I originally decided to go into medicine. I really value those relationships and view teaching and learning as a privilege.
What do you feel most grateful for?
My health. Full stop.
Tell us about your ideal day?
My ideal day, if I could have it would include: sitting in the sun with my dog, playing tennis, and embracing my family in whatever chaos we find ourselves in.

Dr. Sarah Weeks


“We are here to help in those times your gut tells you something is just not right.”

Why do you like working with med students?
Working with medical students is energizing and rewarding.  Their thirst for knowledge and skills is humbling, often asking questions I have never thought of. Having the honour of playing a small role in  some individual’s professional development is what keeps my passion for teaching and medicine alive.
What do you feel most grateful for?
Health and family. My parents encouraged me to pursue my dreams and now I am on a quest to do that for my family.
Tell us about your ideal day?
A mountain hike (or bike) on a glorious summer day with friends and family. Perhaps finished off with a delicious meal on a patio.

Contact the Student Advisors

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Your contact information: use N/A for anonymous
Not comfortable meeting with a SAM? You can also submit an anonymous incident above.

If you are not comfortable submitting your concern to a SAM or do not think a SAM is the right medium for your concern, please feel free to contact the Associate Dean of UME or the Student Professionalism Committee anonymously using the following links:

The Student Advisor for Mistreatment:

  • Listens to your concerns
  • Discusses your concerns and helps clarify the most important issues to you
  • Helps identify and evaluate with respect to reporting, or not reporting, mistreatment incidents
  • Gathers and discovers information pertinent to your case. Explains CSM procedures for dealing with reported mistreatment incidents
  • If desired by the student, can serve as a neutral party to help resolve conflicts with the involved parties, by using mediation and other conflict resolution strategies if needed
  • Facilitates conversations among parties
  • Can refer you for counselling, within CSM (student affairs) or external to CSM (e.g. PFSP)
  • Tabulates (with all identifying information removed) a yearly “report card” of activities

Additional Resources: